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VLearn | August 17, 2017

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Whistleblowing: Dodd Frank Reform?

January 21, 2016 |

Former Massachussettes Congressman Barney Frank joined by Joseph Keefe, President & CEO of PAX World Funds, on Sept. 21, 2015 at the NH Institute of Politics to discuss the intentions and consequences of the Dodd-Frank Act, signed into law five … Read More

HR, Diversity & Mentoring

January 21, 2016 |

KPMG’s KPMG’s Dana Foote reveals at our diversity event how her firm maximizes mentoring through HR and diversity-management collaboration.

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Steve Jobs on People Management

August 5, 2014 |

8 Management Lessons I Learned Working Under Steve Jobs

Sachin Agarwal who worked as an engineer under Steve Jobs  discussed how Jobs fostered a startup culture at a multibillion dollar corporation. Here he discussed 8 Crucial lessons learned working under … Read More

Ricardo Semler on Leadership

February 14, 2013 |

Ricardo Semler (born 1959 in São Paulo) is the CEO and majority owner of Semco SA, a Brazilian company best known for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering. Under his ownership, revenue has grown from US$4 million … Read More

McHugh on HR & Organisational Behaviour

January 12, 2013 |

David McHugh is the co-author of one of the most well known academic books on the subject of HR & Organisational Behaviour. His book WORK ORGANISATIONS is now in it’s 4th edition and on the reading lists of students at … Read More


January 3, 2013 |

Jim Haudan, CEO at Root Learning, discusses why leaders should spend more time focusing on followership.  Hauden expands on this point by explaining how the wrong type of leadership can have the adverse effect of causing employees to “lay low” … Read More


Philip Stiles on HRM

December 27, 2012 |

Dr Philip Stiles of Cambridge Judge Business School discussing some of the contemporary issues in the area of Human Resource Management.

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Prof Sumantra Goshal on Culture

December 9, 2012 |

The celebrated late Professor Sumantra Goshal talking about organisational culture, discipline and motivation. His talk is entitled “The Smell of the Place”

Source: YouTube / Robert Ryan.

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