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VLearn | July 20, 2017

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Paul Druckman on Integrated Reporting. | VLearn

  • On February 12, 2013

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Paul Druckman, CEO of the IIRC talks to VLearn about the work of ‘International Integrated Reporting Council’.  In this interview Paul puts to bed some misconceptions about Integrated Reporting; including the perception that IR is a new initiative. Paul also answers questions on whether IR should be a mandatory requirement and explains how there is empirical evidence that this can bring about ‘unintended consequences’.

IR is  a process that results in communication, most visibly a periodic “integrated report”, about value creation over time. An integrated report is a concise communication about how an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term. An integrated report should be prepared in accordance with the International IR Framework.

While the communications that result from IR will be of benefit to a range of stakeholders, they are principally aimed at providers of financial capital.

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) is a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard setters, the accounting profession and NGOs. Together, this coalition shares the view that communication about businesses’ value creation should be the next step in the evolution of corporate reporting.

The IIRC is leading the development of a global framework for Integrated Reporting.

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